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​Updated 3/27/2017

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  SONS OF AMVETS National Headquarters Open

The new headquarters for National Sons of AMVETS is now open in the AMVETS building in Lanham, MD.  The address is National Sons of AMVETS, 4647 Forbes Blvd,  Lanham, MD 20706. Phone: 301-683-4099 and fax number is 301-683-3099.  Narcy Moran is the  Administrative Assistant and you can email her at All forms are being updated with the new address and completion will be announced.


 The "Stand Up for Veterans" was a great success. Approximately 60 veterans in the Binghamton, NY area attended the event and received services from more than 25 agencies.


New York State Sons of AMVETS Holds Spring Meeting

  Officers and members of the New York State Sons of AMVETS held their Spring Meeting in Binghamton, NY this past week.  Along with conducting the first round of officer nominations, the Sons assisted the Stand Up for Veterans with more than 50 man hours of help.

​  During the meeting it was decided to assist Canine Companions with $2,000 of food and veterinary care for pups who are training to be service animals for veterans.  The group also will be assisting the New York Run-for-the-Fallen by sponsoring a memorial flag for a fallen service member; and decided to help John Tracy Clinic.  

New York Sons Storm Capitol Hill

Seven members of the New York Dept AMVETS family charged onto Capitol Hill in Washington, DC early in March to influence our representatives to vote "pro veteran."  Included in this group was AMVETS National Cmdr Harold Chapman, National AMVETS Executive Director Joe Chenelly, New York AMVETS Legislative Director Bob Becker, New York Sons of AMVETS Cmdr Pat Mitchell, New York AMVETS Ladies Aux Pres Candy Clemens, and New York Sons of AMVETS National Committeeman Bill Clemens. Thirty-nine offices were visited with legislative priorities materials of veterans.  Among those, twelve congressal offices met with us for a personal briefing.  See AMVETS Legislative Priorities Here.