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​Updated 1/27/2017

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  SONS OF AMVETS National Headquarters Open

The new headquarters for National Sons of AMVETS is now open in the AMVETS building in Lanham, MD.  The address is National Sons of AMVETS, 4647 Forbes Blvd,  Lanham, MD 20706. Phone: 301-683-4099 and fax number is 301-683-3099.  Ramona Joyner is the new Administrative Assistant and you can email her at All forms are being updated with the new address and completion will be announced.


 The New York State AMVETS Family will be hosting a "Standing Up For Veterans" at our Spring SEC meeting on March 24, 2017 from 0900 to 1500 at the Double Tree Inn, 225 Water St, Binghamton, NY.  To help with this function with info booth, manpower, or donations--call Aux Pres Candy Clemens at 716-307-7890.


New York State Sons of AMVETS Convention Ends

  Officers elected are essentially the same as last year:  Patrick Mitchell, Commander; Chip Smith, 1st Vice Cmdr; John Cerny, 2nd Vice Cmdr; Ben Gladding, 3rd Vice Cmdr; Scott Devery, Adjutant; Les Baker Jr, Finance; Lee Smith, Judge Advocate; Paul Conto, Provost Marshall; Daniel Tamberlin, Chaplain; Bill Clemens, VAVS Coord & NECman; Richard Beaulieu, Convention Chairman.

  Canine Companions awarded $1,000 in food and services.

  Golf Tournament a success up in North Country.


New York Sons Storm Capitol Hill

Cmdr Pat Mitchell along with Finance Officer Bill Clemens and Aux 1st Vice Candy Clemens spent all day Wednesday Mar 2 talking to New York State Congressional Offices lobbying for veterans issues.  26 of 27 New York Offices were visited with us holding 19 face-to-face meetings and had photo ops with 2 Congressmen.  This effort by all Son s of AMVETS does  influence our representatives to vote "pro veteran."

VAVS Representatives Needed!!

The Sons of AMVETS need VAVS volunteers--can you spare a little time each month to help your local VA medical center?  As a national group, we have volunteers at fewer than 15 VAMC's across the country.  If you are a volunteer, next time you visit VAMC, be sure your hours are listed to Group #322(Sons of AMVETS) and not listed under AMVETS.  For more info on becoming a Sons VAVS Rep--email

Cmdr Dan Briggs' National Project is to fund and reserrect the Activity Kits that have been discontinued by VA.