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Spring SEC is Over

Spring SEC is history--the first round of nominations include:  Commander, Chip Smith; 1st Vice Cmdr, Ben Gladding; 2nd Vice Cmdr Scott Devery; 3rd Vice Cmdr, Paul Conto; Finance, Brian Crosby; Judge Advocate, Lee Smith.

​Discussion included money to be spent for National Convention, and for website (or replacement).


Department Convention is in the Book!

* The new officers for the New York State Sons of AMVETS are listed on the "Dept Officers" tab.  

* Financial Report & Proposed Budget presented and approved.  Financial recovery is moving along well; we should start receiving approximately $200 per month             from previous Finance Officer.

​* Commander Smith's Project is the support of Healing Waters for Fly Fishing.  Over $3,000 was approved for seven group across New York State to help wounded               veterans recover through fly fishing.  To contribute to this worthy program, contact Cmdr. Smith.  Click here for more info about Healing Waters.


National Convention Approaching Fast

* The National Sons of AMVETS convention is scheduled for Aug 6-14, 2014 in Orlando, FL  Click here for more information

* June 30, 2018 is last day for new/renew membership in National Office--this allows time to print next year's cards.

* Click here for several items pertaining to the convention

* Click here for proposed Constitution & By Laws amendments

Fall SEC is History

​The Fall SEC was held on Saturday, October 7th with following actions:

Brian Crosby was appointed Finance Officer;

​A new Financial Management Plan and Budget were approved for financial recovery.

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