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History of New York State Sons of AMVETS

The Sons of AMVETS, Department of New York was formed in 1995 with three squadrons; Squad 4 in Massena, Squad 19 in Ogdensburg, and Squad 18 in East Islip.  Since the spring of 1995, our department has grown from approximately 50 members in those three squads to 1,100 members in 25 squadrons today.

Sons of AMVETS

Department of New York

​Updated 11/28/2018

Sons of AMVETS Eligibility

"Eligibility for membership in the Sons of AMVETS shall be limited to all male descendents, grandsons, adopted sons and stepsons, fathers, husbands, widowers, and brothers of members of AMVETS and the deceased members of AMVETS, or the personnel who died and would have been eligible for membership in the parent organization, and are at least eighteen (18) years of age and has not been a member of any United States military service organization. This is not to include in-laws of any type"

Sons of AMVETS Core Principles

As stated in our constitution, our core principles are: "To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America; To safeguard the principles of freedom, liberty and justice for all; To promote the cause of peace and goodwill amongst nations; To maintain the freedom of our country; To preserve the fundamentals of democracy; To perpetuate the friendships and associations of the AMVET organization; and ​To dedicate ourselves to the cause of mutual assistance...this by the Grace of God.